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Party Discipline under Wanshun Party Committee No. 4——The Story Behind Two Letters of Appreciation

Party Discipline under Wanshun Party Committee No. 4——The Story Behind Two Letters of Appreciation

(Summary description)A few days ago, our Wanshun Group Party Committee organized some party committee members and party activists to go to Xiadang Village in Fujian Province

Party Discipline under Wanshun Party Committee No. 4——The Story Behind Two Letters of Appreciation

(Summary description)A few days ago, our Wanshun Group Party Committee organized some party committee members and party activists to go to Xiadang Village in Fujian Province

Editor's note: The mountains are high and the roads are far away, the changes are gratifying, the folk customs are simple and the people are inspiring. This is the most accurate description of the shock and inspiration that our hearts have received in the past three days.
A few days ago, our Wanshun Group Party Committee organized some party committee members and party activists to go to Xiadang Village in Fujian Province, thousands of miles away, to conduct a unique themed education activity. For the details of this activity, we will post on the group official account A series of articles will give a summary and an introduction, and will give a presentation to the affiliated companies.
***Part Four of the Party Discipline under Wanshun Party Committee***
The story behind the two thank you letters
She looked up at her biological parents, without any expression in her eyes, as if she were looking at two strangers, then she turned around, walked over to her grandma to sit down, raised her head calmly, and said to the village party secretary in the middle of the house, I have been with grandma.
That year, she was 13 years old. She may not realize that her decision made entirely by instinct may affect her life's fate.
She has never seen her biological parents since she was a child. It was her adoptive father and adoptive mother who brought her up. However, the adoptive father and adoptive mother and "grandfather" have now passed away, and she will never see them again, but she knows in her heart that she still has a grandma (the mother of the adoptive father). ), she has not forgotten the childhood time that grandma spent with her.
As a result of seeing a doctor for their adoptive father and adoptive mother, this family of grandmother and granddaughter is already impoverished, debt-ridden, and difficult. There is no one to do farm work, and there is not enough food to eat. The tuition and fees for junior high school have not been saved, and a series of difficulties are in front of them.
That night, grandma started nagging in front of her again, making her eyes dazed and tears streaming down her face.
At this time, a group of people walked in outside the house. The leader was the village party secretary. She didn't know the person behind the party secretary, but her frown suddenly stretched out with a word from the party secretary.
The person behind the village party secretary is Zhou Shanhong. Today is his sixth visit to Xiadang Village. Now, the "love tea garden" model has achieved initial results. The villagers' enthusiasm for growing tea has been greatly improved, and the villagers and the village collective income have been significantly improved, which made him happy and gratified. However, when he heard the story of the grandmother and granddaughter, he couldn't sit still anymore. After having dinner in a hurry, he asked the village party secretary to take him to the grandmother and granddaughter.
Everything that follows seems to be logical and without suspense. The food problem was solved, the tuition and fees were also solved, and a new set of stationery and several sets of clothes were purchased. What made her more hopeful was that the unfamiliar uncle spoke to her, asking her to concentrate on studying and not to be distracted by family affairs and grandma's affairs.
The little girl is very sensible, she studies very hard, and did not disappoint everyone. On August 14, 2019, our party heard the good news as soon as they arrived in Xiadang Village: The girl was admitted to Shouning County No. 1 Middle School with excellent results. This is something that Xiadang Village has never seen before.
During our three days in the party, Jay Chou told the girl that she didn’t need to worry about her future study expenses and grandma’s life, and asked the director of the brand management department to live and eat with the girl as a sister to draw a picture for the girl. A blueprint for a diligent life. We believe that a new and hopeful life path is beckoning girls.
Wang Peigen, a young guy in Xiadang Village, is diligent and smart. After graduating from school, he has always wanted to make a difference in his personal career. However, he lacks capital and can only sigh for his ideals.
During the contact with Wang Peigen, Jay Chou discovered that this young man is very enterprising and a good seed that can be cultivated. Therefore, he intends to increase communication opportunities with Wang Peigen to better understand what he thinks and what difficulties he faces. In order to change the thinking and concepts of young people, Jay Chou asked Wang Peigen to participate in the group's entrepreneurial training to stimulate his passion for entrepreneurship and enrichment, and give him the confidence to become wealthy. In the end, on the premise of combining the local realities, Zhou Dong determined his general career development direction, and Zhou Dong also gave him strong support in the start-up capital.
(Front row: Chairman Zhou and Wang Peigen (right) signed a contract to help in the entrepreneurship and enrichment leader training class)
Now, led by Wang Peigen, several young people in the village have jointly established a chicken farm, a sheep farm, and a chestnut plantation. They have also opened a guesthouse and hotel, and each project has been done well.
Zhou Dong not only supports these young people in terms of funds, but in terms of project management and benefit management, he also uses his experience and lessons from many years of business to explain their knowledge of business management.
In 2017, at the awards party held for the winners of poverty alleviation across the country, CCTV conducted a special interview and report on the story of Jay Chou helping Wang Peigen to start a business.
When you hear about Jay Chou’s touching deeds of establishing tea gardens, helping entrepreneurs, and funding orphans, you may ask a question. What prompted Jay Chou to work so quietly and selflessly in poverty alleviation? Where is the original power?
Jay Chou himself answered like this. He said that when he was a child, his family was very poor and he was afraid of being poor. Therefore, whenever he sees vulnerable groups such as those living in difficulties, the elderly, and sick families, he naturally wants to help. a bit. Jay Chou also said that we should not forget our roots while drinking water. Our success today is due to the country's good policies. Therefore, we should share our worries for the country and give back to the society.
I think the answer should be more than that.
More than 70 years ago, the American psychologist Maslow proposed the five-level theory of human individual needs, and believed that the highest level of human needs is the need for self-realization. The so-called self-realization means to realize the value of one's life. As Dong Chou personally said, he will never use up his money in this life, not only for himself, but also for his children, but at this point, is the struggle of life? Has it reached the top? Of course not. In my life, I should have higher goals and pursuits.
The pursuit he talked about, and Maslow's fifth-level pursuit, are similar to each other, and they are both to achieve a higher value in life.
When Zhou Dong saw the success of the poverty alleviation projects in poor villages that he had investigated, planned, and implemented by him, the lives of the people had been improved, smiles appeared on the faces of the people, and the villagers were full of confidence in the future. That kind of satisfaction and pride naturally shows on the face, this kind of happiness cannot be expressed in words.
I think that this kind of selfless sentiment that embraces the world and the people is the most innocent source of motivation for Jay Chou to actively participate in poverty alleviation.
A few days ago, Wanshun Group received a letter of thanks from the Ningde Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, thanking Wanshun Group and Chairman Zhou Shanhong for their dedication to the poverty alleviation and development work in the Xiadang Township of Ningde City; the few days we came to the party, birthday The Xiadang Township Party Committee and Government of Ningxian County also sent us a letter of thanks, and Ye Zhongqiang, secretary of the Xiadang Township Party Committee, read the letter of thanks in public.
These two thank-you letters not only embodied the gratitude of the local government and the people for helping the Xiadang villagers to get rid of poverty and their hard work, but also affirmation of the achievements of Chou Dong’s persistence in poverty alleviation in Xiadang Village. As the Ningde Municipal Party Committee said in the letter of appreciation, “From renting tea gardens to buying tea to matching caring people to subscribe for tea gardens, from claiming to fund orphans to complete their studies to helping the village’s graduates solve employment problems, from leading young entrepreneurs to working with local officials and the masses. Discussing development ideas, from establishing a party building education base to planning to invest in the development of red homestays and rural tourism to boost rural revitalization. In the past five years, Chairman Zhou Shanhong has shouldered the responsibilities and missions of the honorary village chief of Xiadang Village without hesitation. To get rid of poverty and become rich, we have done our best to interpret the spirit of the Soviet businessmen in the new era with practical actions, show the demeanor of Yangzhou entrepreneurs, and embody Wanshun Group’s responsibility to give back to the society."
"Give someone a rose, the hand has a fragrance", "Everyone gathers firewood and the flame is high." The Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China made it clear that by 2020, the "two guarantees" will be achieved, that is, to ensure that the rural poor will be lifted out of poverty and that all poor counties will be lifted out of poverty. There is only more than one year left by the end of 2020. We encourage more companies and caring people in the whole society to devote themselves to the great cause of poverty alleviation and work together for the whole people to enter a well-off society.


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